MORE than 100 pupils from schools across the county attended Hampshire Collegiate School's inaugural conference to celebrate women in maths.

Embley Park, now the location of the school, was the family home of Florence Nightingale - who herself was a statistician.

Pupils took part in a series of interactive workshops that were led by Professor Christl Donnelly CBE, a statistician at Imperial College London.

The event was aimed at students who are considering A Level maths and further maths.

Keynote speaker Noel-Ann Bradshaw was dressed as Florence Nightingale for the event.

Head teacher Cliff Canning said: "Embley Park is where Florence Nightingale grew up and where she received her calling to serve.

"This event marked not only a celebration of one woman's dedication to reason and the use of statistical analysis to form and shape arguments for the benefit of others, but served as an opportunity to inspire, educate and open windows of wonder and possibility for pupils."

The conference was delivered in partnership with the Further Mathematics Support Programme, an independent charity that is supported by the Department for Education.