A ROMSEY teenager has been left stunned after his new business received hundreds of orders in a matter of hours.

George Treasure, 15, has Asperger Syndrome, and decided to launch his own business alongside his secondary school education.

His mother, Lisa, posted his new kindling business on social media, and it has since been shared by 1,500 people and George has been inundated with orders, with messages coming as far away as Liverpool.

The teenager said he has always had a passion for working with his hands, and is stunned by the response from his new customers.

He said: "No of course I didn't expect a reaction like that, I'm a little bit stunned to be honest.

"I have always enjoyed working with my hands and my step father is a tree surgeon, so this felt like the natural next step.

"I was just hoping to make a little bit of extra money, and I want to study engineering next if I can."

Lisa said that everyone around George had been very supportive, and that she too was shocked to see all of the orders flooding in within hours of her posting George's business – called Woody Kindling – on social media.

Lisa said: "I think we have had about 200 orders now, and the post is still being shared.

"Almost everybody has been really supportive. George doesn't really like to socialise but his step father, Owen Masters, has a tree surgery business.

"His father Rob and his wife Laura and their daughter Sophia have all been so helpful.

"Even his siblings Amelia and Arthur are offering to help out where they can. Crucially, no-one seems to mind that for their orders, there is now quite a wait!"

On social media, Lisa added: "He does it all by hand and sells it for £4 a bag.

"Please spread the word if possible."