HE IS the pensioner who has recently celebrated a major milestone.

Ernest Alec Kellaway celebrated his 100th birthday in January with a birthday party with his children, grand children and great grandchildren in Ampfield.

They travelled from US , Canada, Switzerland, Scotland and throughout England to attend the party and celebrate the navy veteran at the Potters Heron hotel.

Ernest, who lives in Chandler's Ford, was born a century ago in Dorset and served in the Royal Navy for twelve years from 1936 and throughout World War II.

He served on HMS Hood - the last battlecruiser built for the Royal Navy, but he was transferred to another ship just six months before the HMS Hood was struck and sunk by German forces in the Battle of the Denmark Strait in May 1941.

When he was not at sea, Ernest lived in Eastleigh, where he got his first job at Bayless fish shop before joining the navy.

He then moved to Chandlers Ford in 2007 and he has lived there since.

When asked what is the secret for longevity, he said: " I think part is down to genes, my mum died when she was 96-year-old. I also have a tot of rum every day.

"Now I have had an amazing birthday party, it was gorgeous and a lovely card from the Queen to celebrate."

Ernest married Sheila Roberts in 1940 and they had four children together.

The couple divorced in 1974 and few years later Ernest married Phyllis Sexton.

The two spent 20 years together before Phyllis died.

Ernest said the time of is life he is most proud of is the one he spent in the navy.

"I met very good people. That experience changed my life", he added.

When he left the navy he worked as part of the maintenance team at Southampton dock until he retired when he was 64-year-old.

"I now look forward to meet my great great grand child", he said.