PLANS to build 300 homes in North Baddesley have been sent back by planning bosses.

Developers had applied to Test Valley Borough Council to build the houses on Hoe Lane, two years after having similar plans put forward.

But councillors from the southern area planning committee viewed their concerns on the safety of the roads around the area.

Hoe Lane links to the A3057 into Romsey, and the junction attracted debate at the meeting on Tuesday night.

The plans included up to 300 homes, with open space, parking, allotments and landscaping.

Before the plans were debated, 38 residents had written in to object to the application, which was put forward by The Ashfield Partnership.

Romsey town councillor Mark Cooper received a round of applause after citing the junction of Hoe Lane to the A3057.

He said: "As far as I can see, if the junction can't get any safer, that Hampshire Highways have said that putting signage in place is the best they can do, then this whole plan, in my opinion, falls."

The county highways department said that £50,000 would be invested to put flashing signs in place to make drivers aware of the junction, and reduce the Hoe Lane speed limit from 60 miles per hour down to 30mph.

They also said that the road surface would be enhanced, with places for cars to pass safely as the lane isn't wide enough for two cars for the entire length of the road.

County councillor for Baddesley, Alan Dowden, said he didn't believe 'this was the best we could do'.

He said: "I refuse to sit here and think that nothing can improve with this application.

"I don't believe this is the best we can do. We must sit down and look at this, indeed there are a few areas with transport that need to be addressed for safety purposes."

The plans were deferred, with councillors demanding a number of changes to the road layout and junction safety.

Ward councillor for North Baddesley, cllr Celia Dowden, said: "Hoe Lane was designated for development in the borough revised Local Plan, so development has been established.

"The aim must now be to obtain the best development for new residents, and to minimise for the existing residents of North Baddesley, the impact on traffic, doctor's surgeries and local schools."