PLANS have been revealed for a Hampshire care home to add more places to its facility and create four new jobs.

Edwina Mountbatten House, a care home in Romsey, have applied to increase their residency from 17 to 25 under new proposals.

It means that under the proposed changes to the layout, some residents would have to be rehomed, but no numbers have yet been confirmed.

Situated near Crosfield Hall in the centre of the town, the care home is a non-for-profit charitable organisation.

The trustees have submitted plans and had discussions with both Test Valley Borough Council and Hampshire County Council, but say any changes are 'at least' 18 months away.

The changes would create four new carer jobs and increase the hours for kitchen and cleaning staff.

The county authority are currently speaking to trustees and in turn, the Care Quality Commission and other advisors as part of the plans, though nothing has yet been submitted to either council formerly.

Chairman of trustees is current mayor of Romsey, councillor Ian Hibberd.

Cllr Hibberd said: "The proposals are at a very early stage, and no decisions have yet been made. A sub-committee has been appointed to develop a full feasibility study to include planning, time frames, architectural designs and the financial implications.

"There is a vert long way to go and we can reassure residents and their families, that, if the plan gets the go ahead, it will be at least 18 months before any changes occur.

Under the plans, the current mix of flats and single rooms will be converted to 25 upgraded and larger care rooms complete with en-suite toilets.

There will also be the provision of an additional quiet lounge; the dining area will enlarged and there will be more staff."

Cllr Hibberd said the home had spoken to every resident about the changes and warned that residents may have to be rehomed due to the changes.

He said: "There are a number of options to consider. Some residents might have to be rehoused but we are also offering to talk to the residents' relatives and we will support each resident every step of the way.

"We believe that our proposals are necessary to ensure that we stay competitive."