SIR– The Changes to the Market Place sir, what a sensible suggestion L. Dupont made in the Romsey Advertiser on March 23rd regarding the changes to the layout of the Market Place.

It must be obvious by now to everyone regularly reading the local paper that there is much disquiet over the planned changes and to set these out for a trial of three months, seems an excellent idea.

But why can’t we keep the Lord Palmerston roundabout and widen all the pavements around it instead of just on the North side?

If the design was simplified in this way, the construction time would be less and thus help all the businesses in the Market Place.

We certainly don’t want another business to fall victim of these road changes like our wonderful Rum’s Eg.

Since to my knowledge the new design has not yet been ‘signed off’, I hope other residents will agree and will make their feelings known to the Hampshire County Council, Caroline Nokes MP, or the Romsey Advertiser. Come on Councillors, listen to those who voted for you.

More of us are against the planned changes than voted for them.


Little Meads