SHE is part of the husband and wife team in charge of a popular Romsey watering hole.

Three Tuns is a historic pub in the centre of the town that prides itself on being traditional and welcoming.

Landlady Marielle Price met husband Rob at the University of Southampton around ten years ago, and has been part of the team at the pub for the last four years.

The 28-year-old said they were hoping to push on after being named as Hampshire pub of the year for 2017 and said that ‘not many pubs are like this’ anymore.

She said: “It’s something we are very proud of and not something we take lightly, but here we want to promote tradition, not many pubs are like this now.”

That doesn’t mean that the food suffers however, with Rob getting involved in the kitchen too.

Marielle added: “It wasn’t something he intended on doing. He started helping out a little bit and absolutely loved it.

“He’s fantastic at it so I didn’t see any reason why he can’t spend his time back there.

“Our head chef Lee Burden is brilliant and our customers seem to think so too.”

Rob is also the general manager, and the two of them say they want to focus on the traditional feel of the pub to help take them forward.

Marielle said: “We don’t have any huge new plans but we just want to make sure we are on top of our game with everything.

“Our customers generally know what they like and we try to offer as much as possible for as good a value as we can do.

“We love what we do here and as long as everyone else does then we will carry on with the atmosphere we try to create with the fire and ales we serve.

“It can get very warm in here!

“I have spent three years as landlady and I don’t want to give that up any time soon.”

Customers said the food and atmosphere was what kept them coming back.