MORE than 60 volunteers turned out to help Romsey and District Society's stream clean.

On April 7, 65 volunteers, which was nearly double the turnout in October, helped to fill a truck with litter and rubbish collected along Middlebridge Street and around the Sports Centre and its access paths.

The volunteers' efforts were supported by two Test Valley Borough Council staff, who then shipped off the litter at the end of the two-hour session.

As well as providing black bags, litter-pickers and safety gloves, TVBC also provided extra vests due to the number of volunteers. Twelve teams of volunteers, who met at Crosfield Hall, covered the town centre and main road verges in and outside of the town.

The Tadburn Stream, and the canal banks were also cleared of litter.

Event co-ordinator, Romsey councillor Mark Cooper, said: "The Romsey and District Society's next stream clean and litter pick up is pencilled in for October 6. The growth in the number of volunteers is heartening and indicative of the pride Romsonians take in their town."

Sundaes Child in the Market Place also offered free ice-creams to children and the restaurant, la Parisienne, was generous in providing coffee at the end of the event.