CHANGES are to be made to a Romsey road in a bid to make traffic safer after a series of dangerous – and fatal – accidents.

County bosses have joined community leaders and the police to study the junction of Ryedown Lane along the A3090 at Pauncefoot Hill after the dangers of the area were raised by councillors.

As recently as January, fatal accidents on the junction have led to the actions being taken.

It means that added signs and road markings will be introduced, along with possible speed warning signs.

Despite suggestions to Hampshire County Council road officers to do so, no change will be made to the current road layout.

Earlier this year, 87-year-old Colin Wedderburn was killed in an accident on the stretch of road, close to Gardeners Lane.

County councillor Clive Collier had suggested narrowing the road by painting hatched white lines, saying it was 'very difficult' to see the junction travelling from Cadnam. That stretch of road is currently 70 miles per hour heading towards Romsey.

A spokesperson for Hampshire County Council said: "The tragic fatal collision which occurred in January on the A3090 Pauncefoot Hill, was investigated by the Casualty Reduction Partnership compromising of officers from Hampshire County Council, Test Valley Borough Council and Hampshire Constabulary.

"The investigation has considered the injury accident record at the location, along with the circumstances of the incident, and a site visit was also carried out.

"The spokesperson added: "As a result of this investigation, no changes are required to the road layout, but the opportunity will be taken to enhance both the signage at the junction and on the bend at Pauncefoot Hill, and the road markings around the junction, to provide greater warning for motorists.

"We are also exploring installation of maximum speed warning signs."

Councillor Clive Collier said: "There have been two identical accidents here where cars turning right across the carriageway have been struck by cars driving at speed from the direction of Cadnam.

"Because of the bend and hill, it is difficult to see cars crossing the carriageway. Fortunately the first accident did not result in a fatality, but the second one did."