It has brought the entire town into colour.

Romsey is currently a picture of spring – even if the weather isn’t – as the five-week long event of yarn bombing continues.

As previously reported, Romsey is no stranger to yarn bombs, in which a range of volunteer groups, WIs and organisations in Test Valley create their colourful yarn to cover the town’s bollards.

Last year, the Beggars Fair also saw a range of different colours and themes cover them.

This year’s event, Spring into Spring, was organised with a helping hand from deputy mayor of Romsey, cllr Dorothy Baverstock.

Speaking to The Advertiser, she said: “Oh it’s been such a great turn-out.

“I am absolutely thrilled with it all and I think everyone should feel very proud.

“Lots of people wanted to help out and I think the town looks brilliant.”

The yarn bombs will be in place until next month, placed along the town’s landmarks including Church Street, Romsey Abbey and Market Place.