SIR – Further to Kay Peakes’ letter in last weeks Romsey Advertiser, concerning access by emergency services to properties beyond the United Reformed Church arch.

On modern housing estates, if there are over a certain number of properties - from memory 250 - there has to be at least 2 points of egress and access.

If you go not 100 yards down Abbey Meads towards the doctors Surgery, indeed there is Church Lane, but it is in effect a 1 way road due to the number of cars parked along it; also the primary school requires sufficient areas for deliveries of both pupils, food and educational products.

Beyond that turning there is a row of almshouses and other large properties populated by older members of Romsey on the right; to the left is the convent and a nursing home. Further down is Rivermead estate and of course Memorial Park and right at the end, more houses with extremely limited 1 way vehicular access.

If the powers that be go ahead with the ill considered changes to Market Place I really hope they have taken into account all the Health & Safety issues, statutory requirements for access, turning circles for large vehicles beyond Romsey centre itself; personally I don’t think they have.

All it needs is an elderly resident living beyond the arch, a child in the park or a patient in the surgery NOT being able to have emergency attention for 1 reason or another, because vehicular access is severely hampered due to the ‘gentrified’ upgrading of the roundabout in the middle of Market Place!