SIR – Thank you for publishing the outline plan for the proposed changes to the Market Place, which looks excellent with plenty of space for shoppers and visitors to stroll and seats for relaxing and enjoying the traffic-calmed environment.

I and many others are increasingly irritated by the small but very vocal group, apparently opposed to making the town centre a better place for visitors to linger, with priority for people over vehicles rather than vice-versa. Fortunately, there wasn't a similar group resisting the pedestrianisation of Trafalgar Square, to incorporate Nelsons column and divert traffic around the edge of the square; the hugely successful scheme in London attracts visitors and encourages them to linger in the area. It is not totally dissimilar that that proposed for Palmerston's statue, albeit on a much smaller scale, appropriate for a rural market town.

Well done the planners, please press on and implement your vision of the future. I look forward to enjoying the sunshine in the new pedestrian area at the heart of Romsey.