A warning has been issued by police after two men became aggressive and demanded money having offered to relay the driveway of an elderly man.

Two men working for "Sykes Surfacing", say police, approached the man at his home and offered to carry out the work on May 8.

Police say a figure was agreed, and the work carried out. But when it came to the money changing hands, the men became aggressive and demanded even more cash at the address in Ampfield.

Officers are hoping that members of the public will contact them should the same men approach other residents.

The males were driving a flatbed, but police say they don't know the make or model.

Hampshire Constabulary said: "If these males approach you or if you see these males, please call 101 quoting 44180170544.

"My advice is to never buy anything at the doorstep, however if you do, record all transactions in writing prior to agreeing work, so there is an incontestable record of what work is being carried out and for what payment."