TEST Valley is to be targeted as one of the Liberal Democrats’ top priorities, according to the leader of Eastleigh Borough Council.

Speaking at a rally for supporters with national party leader Sir Vince Cable, cllr Keith House said after a strong performance in the borough, Test Valley was high on their list.

The council secured 32 of the 39 available seats in the local election last week, and also closed the gap at Winchester City Council to just one seat of the ruling Conservative Party.

Cllr House said: “We have a strong presence in Test Valley already and that is one we are looking at as a top area to try and target.

“It won’t be easy next year but we don’t see any reason as to why it won’t be possible.

“If we can flip Andover in particular then we will be in good standing. After that, Gosport and Portsmouth.

“Then we will have a nice pocket across the south to build from.”

Sir Vince was attending the rally and praised the housing policy that had been undertaken across Eastleigh.

According to cllr House, Sir Vince has been a ‘strong and excellent’ leader for the party.

Test Valley Borough Council currently has 48 seats.

Thirty-eight of those are Conservatives, with the other ten being split between nine Liberal Democrats and one independent councillor.