ONE of the major routes from Southampton into Test Valley is the 20th most congested road in the country.

The M271, which runs from Nursling to the A3057 and M27 at different intersections, has been ranked following data from the Department for Transport.

Motorists will spend 59.1% of their journey time on the road.

Rush hour drivers coming home after a hard day at work will face horrific gridlocks on the The M271 particularly between M271 and M27 J3 (LM373).

In total, Southampton is home to 209 traffic hotspots which also includes the M27 route west at junction 5 (Southampton Airport), while 3% of the city’s A roads are in need of maintenance.

The data collected from transport analysts INRIX estimates that the time wasted sitting in traffic in the city could end up costing the economy as much as £450 million by 2025.

A Department for Transport spokeswoman said: “The Government is taking the big decisions for Britain’s future, underlined by our record £23 billion for road schemes – the biggest investment in a generation. This will help cut congestion, shorten journey times, and boost economic growth. We are also giving councils record amounts of funding.”