SIR – Can there be little doubt that racism is endemic in the Conservative party? One only has to read the reporting of Councillor Hibberd’s abhorrent actions to realise that the continued hypocrisy of local and national conservatives against minorities is still going on unchecked.

The way that this borough conservative councillor has demonstrated utter contempt and disrespect against another human being is shameful.

As a democratically-elected local representative, Mr Hibbard is in a unique and privileged position.

To racially slur someone brings that position into disrepute in the most reprehensible way.

The article published last week is particularly painful to read in the light of current events sweeping this country.

The corrosive nature of posting prejudice attacks on social media platforms has real consequences when hitting the ‘send’ button.

The councillor for Romsey Extra has now joined those repulsive perpetrators who consider it acceptable to make religious and racist, disability, homophobic, biphobic and transphobic insults.

Prejudice and intolerance in our communities, needs be challenged head-on.

Don’t hide behind a political party, which a former Tory Minister exposed as having weekly episodes of Islamophobic incidents.

This will be my final year as a borough councillor, and it distresses me greatly to reflect that my 20th year will be marred by a prejudiced councillor whom has been regarded as an asset to the local conservative association.

Anyone who considers that they can share racist comments without consequences is clearly not fit for political office.

The less damaging option, in the short term, is for Mr Hibberd to resign as a borough councillor.

In the long term, the Conservative association need to choose a candidate for Romsey Extra, that is a modern liberal thinking inclusive individual.

Yours sincerely


North Baddesley ward