SIR – When I moved to Romsey, I bought a property that was virtually adjacent to the Abbotswood site, just as the development began. So I have seen the development progress, at close quarters, over a number of years. And I am delighted that one of the key facilities planned as part of that development, the 'Community Centre' is now open and working.

But I also understand that it may be difficult for some of the other planned facilities to ever come into fruition.

So, would it not be possible to use the new Community Centre as a focus for a public consultation of those who know best, namely the people who live at Abbotswood, to understand what is great about living there, and what is not so great. To ask them whether the planned facilities were the right ones, whether there should be others, etc. Why? So that council members and planning officers can take this into account, when agreeing detailed plans for the next large-scale development due to be built on the edge of Romsey.

Neil Gwynne