THE King’s Somborne Primary summer fair turned out to be a spectacular day for five youngsters who raised more than £100 for the school.

Pupils Elias Quayle, Isla Griffiths, Luke Goldsmith, all aged six, joined five-year-old William Hughes and four-year-old Jack Goldsmith from the Tycoon Academy, managed to secure the funds.

The Tycoon Academy is a new scheme that teaches life skills, while pupils learn to run a small business.

Booking a stand at the summer fayre, the youngsters aimed to sell nearly-new toys to raise money, with customers lining up to purchase items.

Tam Goldsmith, director of the project, said: “We use the experience of imaging, planning and running a small business as a vehicle to teach five-16-year-olds critical life skills.

“From dealing with real customers to giving the correct change, it all helps to develop the self confidence and critical thinking that will stand them in good stead later in life.”

The tycoons will also be visiting the King Somborne fun day as well as Trout ‘n’ About in Stockbridge.