IT IS the Romsey pub at the heart of the community.

Holding charity fundraisers, quizzes, and other events, the Bishops Blaize is a proud member of the market town.

Now, having taken over the reins as the new landlady back in January, Vicki Taylor said focusing on that community spirit was the key to its success.

The 27-year-old also added that she hopes to add food to the menu before the end of the year.

She said: “We like to be involved wherever we can, and it’s lovely town.

“The town has sort of been built around the pub as it’s developed, and I’ve always enjoyed a number of regular customers.”

Vicki says she has settled in well to working at the pub.

She added: “Yes it has taken a little bit of getting used to, and sometimes it’s just me in here holding down the fort but all of my regular customers are lovely, so I can trust them!

“Everyone is quite friendly and have been very welcoming, which has been a great start.”

This summer’s heatwave, combined with England’s World Cup run to the semi-finals, has seen the pub completely packed throughout the past few months.

Vicki said: “There have been four of us behind the bar at times and lots of people really packed in here.

“I must admit I’m not an outright football fan, but I think, like a lot of people, I learned to love it and cheer on England. Our big screen saw plenty come through the doors, and we are in such a good spot.”

On adding a food menu, she said: “I think that’s the next step for us, our regulars love the beer, and that’s our main focus, but it would be great to offer some form of food to those who want it.”