SPECTACULAR displays, fabulous hats and fans to keep everyone cool.

Those were the stand-out features of the New Forest Show at New Park, Brockenhurst.

There were reports that one elderly lady was treated for heat stroke - but Show officials confirmed no one was taken to hospital.

Animal handlers were advised not to keep their charges outside for extended periods and breeds were kept cool with extra water and fans.

Organisers at this year’s show have also installed extra taps in all the food courts so that the human visitors stay hydrated.

Vet Matthew Dolbear said: "“Livestock welfare is paramount and we work very closely with all of the livestock committee's to ensure that animal welfare is not compromised. Guided by our advice, the Show society have been very proactive in making changes to the normal livestock schedule to minimise the time that animals are stood in the sunshine whilst being judged or paraded.

The livestock are all kept as cool as possible under the shade of the marquees with constant access to water and feed. Currently the animals are coping very well in the heat and there are multiple vets on site for exhibitors to contact if they have any concerns about their livestock.