A spectacular osprey has been spotted at Fishlake Meadows nature reserve near Romsey. Ospreys can occasionally be seen passing through the south of England in the autumn en route to their wintering grounds in West Africa. They’re known to stop over at wildlife havens like Fishlake Meadows to hone their fishing skills and feeds, sometimes for weeks at a time.

Jo Armson, Wildlife Trust Reserves Officer said: “The spectacle of these amazing birds of prey diving towards the water’s surface, stretching out their talons and scooping fish out of the water is one to behold. There are only a handful places across the country where you can reliably see osprey, let alone so close to a busy town centre. It’s really exciting to see them here, and we hope that through improving habitat and creating new viewing facilities, it’ll be a wildlife spectacle that people will be able to enjoy over many summers to come.”