18/01954/FULLS Two storey side extension and new roof and porch to existing building - Inhurst, Potters Heron Close.

18/01904/FULLS Erection of six detached dwellings, and two detached garages - Crofton, Kents Oak.


18/01689/FULLS Erection of equestrian managers dwelling - Land At Pucknall Farm, Dores Lane.

18/01690/FULLS Change of use of land to equestrian, creation of parking area and open-sided gazebo - Land At Pucknall Farm, Dores Lane.


18/01953/FULLS Erection of a detached dwelling - Land Adjacent To Meadow View.

18/01980/TREES T1 Mature Cherry - Fell - Test Lodge, Horsebridge Road.


18/00997/FULLS Three units of temporary holiday accommodation including relevant car parking and minimal landscaping - Land At Eldon Edge, Eldon Road.

18/01583/FULLS Single storey front extension to provide additional living space and lobby - 40 Eldon Road.

18/01976/TREES Tree Works as per schedule received - Jaysgarth, Riverside Green.

18/02004/TREES T1 Conifer - Fell - Winton House, Romsey Road.


18/01922/TREES Cut back Yew Trees overhanging/restricting Haccups Lane by average of 1m - Greensleeves, Haccups Lane, Michelmersh.

18/01926/FULLS Demolition of dwelling and outbuildings and erection of replacement dwelling with attached garage - Marjolaine, Haccups Lane.


18/01944/FULLS Single storey extension to form a new front entrance and extension to utility room - 9 Borden Way.

18/01970/FULLS Erection of 1 no 4 bed chalet bungalow and erection of single detached garage - 159 Rownhams Lane.


18/01908/CLPS Application for a lawful development certificate for a temporary compound to support the construction of a replacement bridge - Land Adj. M27 And Paulet Lacave Ave, Nursling.

18/01937/TPOS Remove 1 x Silver Birch - 3 Bridgers Close, Rownhams.


18/01754/LBWS Creation of access points in tie beams of converted attic rooms and associated structural works and insertion of a partition wall - Rivermead House, Flat 6, The Meads, Romsey.

18/01932/FULLS Repair of dilapidated veranda and associated works - 27 The Abbey, Romsey.


18/01836/CLES Application for a lawful development certificate for existing - Tarmacadam driveway connecting property to the main public highway - 9 Horseshoe Drive.

18/01865/FULLS Single storey rear extension to create utility room and glazed link to garage; convert garage to bedroom with ensuite bathroom. - 84 Withy Close.

18/02011/TPOS Works to trees as per schedule received - 37 Latham Road.

18/01955/FULLS Extension to provide sitting room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom - 162B Botley Road.


18/01952/FULLS Erection of conservatory at side/rear - 8 Hooper Drive.

18/01973/FULLS Erection of a sunroom to the rear - 8 Ganger Farm Way, Ampfield.

18/01993/TPOS Works to trees as per schedule received - Land Adjacent Mault Ley, Crampmoor Lane.

18/02017/OBLS Modification to Planning Obligation of 14/01090/FULLS in relation to appendix 2, to relocate play area 4 - Ganger Farm, Ganger Farm Lane.


18/02024/TPOS Works to trees as per schedule received - Felbrigg House, Winchester Hill, Romsey.


18/01809/FULLS Removal of existing managers accommodation and provision of replacement unit in new location with existing area to provide additional parking - Hill Farm Park, Branches Lane.

18/01951/FULLS Demolition of existing bungalow and outbuildings and construction of new dwelling, detached garage and package treatment plant - Rosebank, Doctors Hill.


18/01892/TPOS Reduce height and width of 1 Oak - 30 Burley Close, Chandlers Ford.


18/01928/TPOS T1 Scots Pine - Reduce co-dominant stem by up to 2m; T2 and T3 Scots Pine - Reduce limbs toward property by 0.5m; T4 Turkey Oak - Reduce limbs over The Drive by 3m; T5 Oak - Epicormic clean up to 10mm and reduce limb over neighbour by 2m - 21 Lodge Vale, East Wellow.