SIR, It is with great sadness that I write again concerning the demise of the roundabout in the market place.

Like Professor Fahy, I too have kept a record of the letters against losing the roundabout and those from our councillors who always disregard what has been said and continue to go ahead blindly with their plans.

I was at the Town Council meeting last February where a group of residents from under the arch attended.

At that meeting there were two councillors who actually expressed views similar to ours, but they have not made this known to the general public. I was also at a meeting with our MP in December to express our concerns, but we have not had any comment from her at all throughout these last nine months.

Less than 2 per cent of Romsey's population made their feelings known at the public consultation, when, as has already been stated, neither of the options included retaining the roundabout.

When I queried this I was told that I could put a comment down at the end of the questionnaire, which I did. But were these comments read, noted or recorded?

Mark Cooper told us in February that the scheme was to 'improve the pedestrian experience' and to make cars manoeuvre very slowly. To date this scheme has been carried out in Church Street and Bell Street where the surfaces are indeed shared by cars and pedestrians alike, as cars and lorries now have the improved ability to park half on and half off the now level pavements. Either that, or confusion arises as to how to park and deliver goods such that lorries just stop in the centre of the 'driving space' causing a hold up to traffic.

The government called on councils to suspend such schemes within days of the plans being signed off. But in their wisdom HCC have vowed to 'plough on' with this horrendous plan.

Liz Holder,

Little Meads, Romsey.