18/02264/FULLS Erection of detached garage with office over - Blue Haze, Awbridge Hill.

18/02289/VARS To remove condition 2 (materials) and vary condition 13 (approved plans) of 17/02621/VARS (Demolition of existing and erection of replacement dwelling with detached garage, and installation of a package treatment plant) to replace drawing 15-AWBD-02 rev. B with drawing 15-AWBD-02 rev. C, 15-AWBD-03 rev. B with drawing 15-AWBD-03 rev. C, 15-AWBD-04 rev. B with drawing 15-AWBD-04 rev. C - Berriedael, Church Lane.

18/02324/FULLS Installation of two rooflights to rear elevation (Retrospective) - Ivanhoe , Danes Road.


18/02293/TREES G1 Cherry - Reduce and reshape by 3 metres, fell 5 stems - T1 Damson - Fell - T2 Laburnham - Fell - T3 Cypress - Fell - Rose Cottage, 5 Chilworth Old Village.

18/02294/TPOS 715 Oak, 716 Scots Pine and 718 Oak - Monolith trees to 6 metres above ground - Land At, Woodside.


18/02308/FULLS Demolition of Existing Dwelling and Garage and Erection of Replacement Dwelling - Dianthus, Houghton, Stockbridge.


18/02239/FULLS Loft conversion, insert 6 roof lights, adjust height of front ground floor windows, and insert sliding doors to rear - Sycamore House, 6 Nutchers Drove.


18/02290/FULLS Installation of roller shutter and associated works to enclose open work bay - Lockerly Motors, Lockerley Garage, Butts Green.


18/02291/FULLS Erection of a timber framed building in the rear garden (Retrospective) - 24 Baddesley Close.


18/02123/LBWS Erection of wall mounted road sign - 1-4 St James Mews, The Hundred, Romsey.

18/02300/VARS Remove condition 4 of 17/02444/FULLS (Change of use of ground floor retail unit to retail and veterinary surgery, replace part shop front window to rendered panel and render existing area of brickwork) as an acoustic report has identified that the existing sound insulation is appropriate - 9 Dukes Mill Centre, Broadwater Road.

18/02318/TPOS As per tree works schedule - 12 The Malthouse, Brewery Lane.

18/02326/FULLS Demolition of existing single storey extension and construction of new single storey extension and replacement of dormer - 59 Winchester Road, Romsey.


18/02267/FULLS Erection of front and rear single storey extensions to form extended lounge/dining area and porch - 14 Fairview Close, Romsey.

18/02320/CLPS Certificate of proposed lawful development for a single storey rear extension - 29 Brook Way, Romsey.


18/02237/LBWS Refurbishment and conversion of Grade II* and Grade II listed buildings, to provide a 155 unit care community for older people (Use Class C2) together with associated community facilities - Stanbridge Earls, Stanbridge Lane, Awbridge.

18/02246/OUTS Rebuild and extend partly demolished Tibbles Barn, to form office floor space on two floors plus toilet and kitchen facilities. Landscaping of yard, removal of temporary buildings and provision of 18 parking spaces - Tibbles Yard, Highwood Lane.

18/02313/TPOS Tree works as per schedule received - Land Adjacent To Sandy Lane, Abbotswood.


18/02295/TPOS Tree 0992 Robinia - Dismantle to ground level.

Tree 0993 Robinia - Remove hung up dead stem and cut back to a suitable growth point, reduce lowest limb by up to 4 meters and remove major deadwood.

Tree 0995 Lime - Remove lowest limb at the main stem.

Tree 0999 Lime - Tip reduce all foliage to allow 2 meters clearance from the property.

Tree 0037 Red Oak - Tip reduce all foliage to allow 2 meters clearance from the property. - 9 Westering.


18/02257/TPOS T1 Oak - Prune upto 3m - 7 Wolvesey Place, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh.

18/02306/TPOS T1 - Oak - Cut back branches over hanging neighbouring gardens and reduce height by 6m T2 - Oak - Cut back branches over hanging neighbouring gardens. - 7, 8, And 9 Wolvesey Place, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh.

18/02339/TPOS T1 - Oak - Cut back branches overhanging gardens of 8 & 9 Wolversey Place and 22 Danbury and reduce height by upto 6 metres; T2 - Oak - Cut back branches overhanging garden of 8 Wolversley Place only - 22 Danebury Gardens, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh.


18/02007/FULLS Change use of land to residential caravan site with four caravans, two ancillary utility buildings, hardstanding and sewage treatment plant - Land South Of Wellow Way, Scallows Lane, West Wellow.

18/02303/FULLS Retrospective construction of part single and part two storey side extension with link to existing dwelling and associated landscaping (Amended design to the approved scheme 16/01792/VARS) - Bottom Lane Farm, Bottom Lane, West Wellow.