For their Autumn Exhibition which starts on Saturday, the Romsey Art Group has included a special collection of work by its members to commemorate the centenary of the end of the Great War 1914-1918. From the iconic poppy of remembrance reflected in several works, to a moving portrait of his grandfather with his faithful horse entitled ‘Companions’ by Robert Sharpe, this themed part of the exhibition also includes ‘Sending a Text’ by Joy Dickens in which a pigeon is about to take wing with a message straight from the battlefield. ‘Instruments of Man’ is the title of an evocative montage by Blake Shepherd. Christine Measures’ ‘Peace Plaque’ and ‘Lest We Forget’ by Sue Wharton are just two of the thoughtful contributions by the talented RAG potters.

Tanks and early war planes are featured and complementing the latter, David Ball pays tribute to the centenary of the RAF which went on to play such a crucial role in the Second World War. Collectively this part of the exhibition is an interesting and emotional diversion from the main exhibition which, as always, has a eclectic mix of paintings and 3-D work that will delight the viewer.

One could pick out a whole catalogue of images to review. A small selection would be the charming ladies from the 1920s depicted in three works by Mo Welch, ‘The Sax Man’ by Jenny Morgan and ‘A Welcome Breather’ another stunning equestrian painting by Alan Langford, and a particular favourite of this reviewer ‘Golden Ribbons’ by Margaret Jenkins. You can tell Christmas is looming from the pottery display, especially Pauline Appleby’s beautiful table ‘Christmas Tree’, but not exclusively as there are some particularly beautiful tactile sculpture works, cute animal figures. Additionally, there are charming landscapes, still life, floral and animal studies well represented in the miniature display cabinets. One of these small works is ‘Poppies’ by Hilary Archer, again reminding us of the approaching November 11th 1918 anniversary.

The Romsey Art Group Autumn Exhibition runs from Saturday 29th September to Saturday 13th October from 10am – 5pm each day at the Mountbatten Gallery, Lee Lane, Romsey SO51 9LG. More detail is shown on the group’s website: