HAMPSHIRE'S police chief says Romsey's MP should have been in possession of all the facts before condemning the fatal shooting of two would-be robbers at Chandler's Ford.

But Sandra Gidley stands by what she said immediately after officers from the Metropolitan Police shot dead two men outside the HSBC bank. The undercover operation was staged in conjunction with Hampshire police.

Speaking just a few hours after the shooting Mrs Gidley said: "I am shocked, along with the vast majority of my constituents, by the news of such violence in sleepy Chandler's Ford. This would appear to be a police operation that went badly wrong. It seems clear the police knew about the planned robbery but questions have to be asked about whether loss of life could have been avoided. The police did a good job in detection but my questions are to seek reassurances and proof that there was no danger to the public."

Mrs Gidley added: "I am thankful that none of the customers or staff were injured and my thoughts are with all the staff and customers in the bank at the time who witnessed what must have been a horrific incident. Everyone will be pleased that this criminal act was foiled and no innocent bystanders were hurt but I intend to call a meeting with the chief constable to discuss whether the police were told in advance they could shoot to kill because this could set a worrying precedent. Although the Independent Police Complaints Commission is investigating the matter I think the public deserves an open enquiry so the full facts of the case will be apparent to all."

County police chief Paul Kernaghan isn't happy with Mrs Gidley's remarks.

"Hampshire Constabulary is restricted in what it can say at this stage to ensure that we do not undermine the independent investigation," he said.

"I know the IPCC will make its findings public in due course. I deprecate comments by anyone not in possession of all the facts, particularly those which refer to the police operation in pejorative terms.

"I suggest that everyone puts their trust in the IPCC and awaits that body's objective adjudication. I will gladly meet with Mrs Gidley at that stage and discuss with her the realities of professional police work and the challenges officers face in protecting society," said Mr Kernaghan.