DR JEKYLL is in town today for Halloween – and residents should keep their wits about them if they’re visiting his lair.

If you dare, Dr Jekyll’s laboratory in North Baddesley will be open for residents to visit for one night only.

Those willing to take the risk must avoid meeting a sudden end at the hands of the electric chair, poisonous concoctions and that ghosts and ghouls that can found within the lab.

James Bullock, 27, video engineer from North Baddesley has been hosting his free animated Halloween experience for the past 13 years.


This years Dr Jekyll’s Laboratory experience will feature various lighting, visual effects, moving figures, props, theming and sounds.

The experience is held outside of James’s uncles home and he told the Daily Echo that it has got bigger and bigger every year.

He said: “For the last few times I’ve done it, we’ve had several hundred people come to see it. Clearly word has got round over the years and I think it’s great that people are telling each other about it, and bringing their friends along to see it.

“It’s a bit of fun and special to the village, and that makes me very proud of it.”

James told the Daily Echo that he was a huge fan of theme park dark rides and walk through attractions when he was growing up.

He said: “This inspired me to start making my own projects, and Halloween turned out to be the perfect opportunity.”


James described it as something that’s “eccentric” and “wacky” and said: “It’s lovely to see people of all ages enjoying it.”

The experience will be open to the public today but James told the Echo that there are limited entry numbers.

For more information about visiting Dr Jekyll’s laboratory visit halloween-experience.co.uk/bts.htm and http://halloween-experience.co.uk/bts02.htm.