18/02711/TPOS T6 - Yew - Overall trim by 60cm-90cm as containment pruning - 8 Hook Water Road, Chandlers Ford, SO53 5PR.

18/02716/VARS Variation of Conditions 4 & 5 of Planning Permission 17/02706/FULLS (Single storey garden ancillary gym/studio building) to allow variation in foundation design to reduce site impact and tree root interference - Blossom Hill, Jermyns Lane, Ampfield.

18/02750/TPOS T1 Lime - Pollard, T2 Beech - Reduce side of canopy overhanging property by up to 2.5m, T3 Beech - Crown raise to 5m, G1 Cherry Trees - Fell, Woodland 1 - Coppice.thin Hazels, remove laurel and fell dead trees, Woodland 2 - Thin and remove small low quality shrubs - Hook Wood, Hook Road, Ampfield.


18/02550/FULLS Single storey side extension and paved patio area - The Wheatsheaf , Braishfield Road, Braishfield.


18/02528/FULLS Installation of 60 solar panels - Nine Mile Water House , Salisbury Road, Nether Wallop.


18/02720/FULLS Two storey side extension to provide a kitchen/dining room and two additional bedrooms - 4 Highfield Cottages , Strawberry Lane, Up Somborne.


18/02707/FULLS Erection of four residential units and associated detached garages - Little Meadow , Rudd Lane, Upper Timsbury.


18/02684/FULLS Rear and front roof line to be altered from a hip to gable ended, plus an addition of a side box dormer with internal alterations. - 1 Firgrove Road, North Baddesley, SO52 9HX.


18/02738/ADVS Display of internally illuminated and non-illuminated signage - Deben Transport Southampton Ltd, Oyster House, Andes Road.


18/02531/LBWS Removal of kitchen door and frame and replace with brickwork to match existing upto height of adjacent kitchen window; Fit new single glazed timber window within original brick surround - 49 Cherville Street, Romsey, Hampshire.

18/02726/TREES T1 Ash Tree - dismantle and remove, T2 Ash Tree - Reduce overhanging branches back to the boundray line - Willow Cottage, 179 Middlebridge Street, Romsey.

18/02749/TPOS T1 Oak - Crown clean, clear epicormic growth, raise crown to 6.5m and reduce branches overhanging no. 18 up to 0.5m - 16 Southampton Road, Romsey, Hampshire.

18/02547/FULLS Conversion of existing house, garage and summer house into eleven dwellings - Golden Hill, Belbins, Romsey.

18/02744/TPOS x2 Lime Trees - Cut back to give 2m clearance from building - Grosvenor Court, Montfort Close, Romsey.


18/02730/TPOS Tree works as per schedule received - 20 Hornbeam Road, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh.


18/02712/FULLS Raising of ridge height to create additional floor to include dormer windows; single and two storey extensions and associated alterations - Woodsmoke , Embley Lane, East Wellow.

18/02728/CLPS Certificate of proposed lawful development for siting of mobile home for use as an annexe to dwelling, and concrete hardstanding - Afton House , Sherfield English Lane, Plaitford.

18/02751/TPOS T2 6 x Oak - Remove dead and dangerous branches, and epicormic growth. T3 3 x Oak - Crown lift up to 6m. T4 1 x Oak - Fell. - Flat 11, Kingsmead, Lower Common Road,