ROMSEY school pupils braved the rain to enjoy a day of outdoor learning.

A group of students from Romsey Abbey C of E Primary School braved heavy rain conditions to have a successful and happy day at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Romsey.

During the day the students were involved in a whole host of activities such as pond dipping, insect collecting and identifying species of oak.

The Garden staff guided the children of all ages to explore he wonders of the natural world.

Headteacher Julie-Anne Palfrey expressed her enthusiasm for the outdoor learning experience saying “What a fantastic whole school day we had at the Hillier Gardens.

"We linked our curiosity Habit of Mind with our Science objectives and this worked really well for all classes. During the day each class was supported by a leader from Hillier Gardens who led the workshops. These ranged from pond dipping, insect collecting, identification of species of oak to learning about photosynthesis with balls and bit of cloth!”

One of the pupils said “At lunchtime the weather started to be fine, we all dried up and we were able to enjoy our break rolling down the hill with our friends. It was a great day”

Mrs Palfrey added: “A big thank you to all the parents who volunteered to help with this visit and to the Hillier staff for excellently leading the workshops. It was such a super day and I am sure everyone slept as well as I did that night!”