Romsey residents have again this week had the disruption of yet another large vehicle wedged under the railway bridge on Greatbridge Road. I find it astonishing that professional drivers are unable to safely navigate a low railway bridge given how much warning is offered in the form of a bright flashing lights in addition to general signage.

I will be asking Hampshire County Council if there are any further warnings that might be available and whether they have powers to introduce penalties to companies whose drivers prefer to ‘take a chance’ rather than safely diverting.

It has certainly been another turbulent week in Westminster. Last week readers will have seen my letter regarding my own position on the meaningful vote next week and I remain committed to that opinion. The Prime Minister, on Tuesday evening, once again set out why she feels this is the best deal for the UK and how important it was to her that any deal delivered on Brexit but also sought not to alienate the many millions who voted to remain in the EU. I am acutely aware of the strength of feeling among my constituents, but I would remind everyone who writes to me that for every person with an opinion one way, there is almost certainly a constituent who is advocating exactly the opposite; the referendum is over, it’s not about winning or losing, we must now unite behind the deal which is actually on the table.

Caroline Nokes MP