A SCAM alert has been issued by police after reports of an aggressive door-to-door salesman across Test Valley.

Hampshire police are warning residents after incidents in Romsey and Timsbury.

According to the force, the man, who described himself as an ex-offender, reportedly targeted homes in Willowbrook New Road, Timsbury.

When asked to leave, the man became verbally aggressive.

The people involved in these types of door-to-door selling are often known as ‘Nottingham Knockers’.

The first incident took place at around 1.30pm on December 8.

In the second incident, police received a report of a man trying to sell items at about 3.30pm on Furze Drive, Romsey.

Now police are appealing for witnesses to come forward and have issued advice on dealing with doorstep traders:

Always use the door chain when answering the door – if you are not sure, do not open the door

Anyone selling door-to-door needs a pedlar’s certificate, which you can ask to see

Always check the credentials of unknown callers – do not phone the number on the ID card, use a phone book or a bill

Never employ cold-calling doorstep traders or engage with cold callers on the phone

Do not keep substantial sums of money in the home

Always keep front and back doors locked

Consider joining or setting up a No Cold Calling Zone or Neighbourhood Watch scheme

Report any suspicious callers or activity to the police immediately

Keep an eye on elderly or vulnerable neighbours, friends and family

Call 101 to tell us about any unexpected callers – this helps us build a picture of where potential criminals are operating

Check your home security.