WELLOW Primary School students had the opportunity to live the life of a reporter for a day.

The young pupils were invited to the pantomime Dick Whittington at the Mayflower Theatre and wrote the following review for the Romsey Advertiser.

Butterflies were fluttering around our stomachs as we arrived and took our seats.

The lights went down and we could hear the excitement of the audience as the talented, brilliant band began to play.

With a sudden bang, a mysterious dark figure appeared on stage. This dramatic beginning gripped the whole audience; our throats were hoarse with booing and hissing.

The show was full of colourful characters. The sassy, Spirit of the Bells brought light relief from the scary – but terrific street dancing – rats.

Dick Whittington, played by Joe McElderry, had a singing voice like an angelic Prince Charming and a dazzling smile to match. His acrobatic, inspirational, dancing cat wowed us with his skills! The chemistry between Dick and Alice was heart-warming.

Jack, played by Bobby Davro, was one of our favourite characters and the comedian of the stage. We loved his singing conversation which has us rolling in the aisles and we were even able to join in.

His creative chocolate story gave a ‘Boost’ of laughter and caused a few ‘Snickers’ in the audience. It made us giggle to ‘Mars’ and back and even further into the ‘Galaxy’. What a ‘Smartie’ he was!

The panto costumes were a feast for the eyes - literally! We would give the best costume award to Sarah the cook. The set was outstanding.One of the children in our class - Erin- was a member of the cast, so was able to give us some insider information. She thoroughly enjoys being one of the dancers, learning the new routines and meeting the rest of the cast.

This pantomime is a one of a kind, must see show.”

The reporters were: Tom, Xander, Eloise, Emily, Emme and Erin.