PLANS to build new homes at the former brewery site in Romsey could move a step forward next year.

Civic chiefs have confirmed they are in talks with developers at Stanborough Developments Ltd and are set to meet them in January.

This comes after residents urged town bosses and developers to take action as soon as possible and “sort out the eyesore in the middle of Romsey”.

As previously reported, the plans for 211 homes at the site were put forward by Poole-based company Stanborough Developments Ltd and approved in 2006, but only 13 houses have been built to date, according to Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC).

Earlier this months civic chiefs warned the development could be hit by further delays after the developer announced it had withdrawn an appeal to overturn a decision made by the borough council last year.

In November 2017 the council refused the developer’s proposal to build starter homes – discounted homes for first time buyers – instead of 39 affordable homes as agreed in 2006.

At the start of this month the developer withdrew the appeal “as they had applied to vary the wrong clause”, TVBC said.

But civic chiefs in Romsey have now said they want to make sure “there are no stones unturned” and are preparing to meet the developers.

Deputy council leader, Nick Adams-King said: “We are going back and forwards about dates at the moment but we should meet them in January at some point to see if we can progress. We want to know what we can do to encourage them to build. It is ridiculous. There are 200 homes that could be built for local people and they are not being built. It is good sign they want to get together – they didn’t say no.”

As previously reported, residents said they have had enough of the delays.

“I completely share the frustration of those people. It is something we really should be trying to sort out,”councillor Adams-King said.

The Advertiser approached Stanborough Developments Ltd but they were unable to provide a comment.