Sir: Hurrah! I thought, planners have at last realised that a cycle path is urgently needed for those of us who live in the Test Valley villages to take us from the end of Sandy Lane into Romsey. Particularly children who attend the Romsey School who clearly cannot walk and who may wish to cycle.

As a cyclist I find this section of road hazardous with large trucks and cars travelling fast, in places it is narrow and bendy.

But no , the section to be improved (and yes it needs it) is the Southampton Road.

Save money by not altering a perfectly sensible roundabout in the Market Square which even the government says should not be changed, and consider improving cycle routes all around Romsey.

Maintaining those that have been constructed would be good. Does anyone who created them ever think to ride along them in subsequent years? The short Test Valley section is often overgrown with vegetation and the open section beyond the Bear and Ragged Staff has weeds poking through the tarmac along its length.

Please prioritise.

Linda Stafford