“Traditionally I have kept my letters from Westminster concentrated on the many wonderful events occurring in the constituency each week. However, I hope readers will understand why I have moved to writing more about the events of Westminster over the past few months. Brexit has certainly dominated the agenda, and many have expressed their interest in a running commentary whilst others are thoroughly fed up with the subject.

In keeping with the Grieve amendment attached to the Meaningful Vote, the Prime Minister made a statement to the House of Commons on Tuesday regarding her next steps following the Withdrawal Agreement Bill defeat and an amendable motion was laid before the House. There were six amendments selected, and throughout the evening of votes the outcome was close every single time.

Yvette Cooper’s amendment sought to give Parliamentary time to a Private Members Bill next week, it was defeated by the Government with a number of Labour MPs also voting against it. Dame Caroline Spelman’s amendment - which was not legally binding - did pass and gave the Government a clear indication that the House of Commons will not accept a no deal Brexit. It has been clear to me over the last few weeks that the majority of emails I have received from constituents fall very firmly into this camp.

Finally, we had the amendment moved by Sir Graham Brady which sought to replace the backstop – the part of the Withdrawal Agreement which was unpalatable to many MPs – with ‘alternative arrangements’. This amendment also passed, and the Prime Minister will be working hard over the coming days to renegotiate this area of the deal with her opposite numbers in Europe. With 29th March looming it is essential the Government finds a compromise to deliver on the outcome of the referendum whilst also guaranteeing the security and prosperity of the UK.”