Thank goodness there is someone out there who is showing any concerns with this scheme.

I live down The Causeway and I don’t think Romsey knows the extent of this scheme I would like to publish the planning application number 18/01320/Fulls, I have commented on this application as I think this will not protect us in the way the EA tells us as most of the water rises as ground water, I see it all the time in my cellar.

It will also fundamentally change the character of the area for the sake of a one in 50 year event or even a one in 30.

In your piece you haven’t mentioned the embankments in the adjacent fields which will mean bringing in tons of clay and much infrastructure to make the sluice gates (penstocks) in the ditch that is parallel to the causeway.

The embankment 14 will cut across two footpaths so will have to have steps over them plus more railings.

Three houses were flooded here and have now had pumps put in.

Thanks for highlighting this scheme.

I do think the cost benefit seems ridiculous, I don’t suppose this will make any difference.

Penne Edwards

Causeway resident