I think the lack of consideration or respect shown by the builders casually using Woodley Cemetery as a public car park is outrageous.

This has been happening for weeks by builders working on the neighbouring David Wilson Homes Housing Estate. Recently many mourners have had difficulty finding a parking place when they visit. A local resident said that she regularly goes to the Cemetery to visit the resting places of family members. She said she has had difficulty parking over several weeks. She also said that when there is a funeral there is often no place to park because the builders are taking up the normally “spare” parking places.

Why didn’t David Wilson Homes provide builders parking on its building site?

Why did Test Valley Borough Council Planning Committee not identify all the “environmental impacts” of this development? The Committee and its officers should have ensured that the issue of builders parking places was addressed at the planning and approval stage.

The Council’s promise of a “consultation” to consider whether restrictions of the length of time one can park at Woodley Cemetery is far too little too late.

Philip Griffiths, Romsey