This week has seen many days given over to the Immigration Bill as it continues its passage through Parliament, while the week will end with another motion on Brexit, in which there will be a number of amendments to the neutral motion on Thursday. At the time of writing it is too early to tell what is going to happen, but I will certainly provide an update next week.

Recesses in Parliament usually coincide with half-term breaks to ensure members can return home to their constituency offices and work more locally, providing a proper work-family balance. This has been one of a number of positive steps forward to ensure that those with children are not precluded from standing. That said, however, it is absolutely right that during this crucial period, Parliament will continue to sit next week as the Brexit debate rolls toward our scheduled leaving date.

It will be a nice break to visit my former secondary school, The Romsey School, on Friday night to watch a performance of Chicago. I am certain Roxy, Velma and Billy Flynn will razzle dazzle the audience to the high standard we have come to love from the brilliant school performances every year.

I’ve been encouraged recently to hear more about Test Valley Borough Council’s continuing efforts to provide green energy from our household waste. As part of a joint project with Hampshire County Council, much of our non-recyclable household waste is sent to Energy Recovery Facilities where it is incinerated and turned into electricity for the National Grid – the remaining ash is then also re-used. Whilst it is, of course, enormously important that we continue to work hard at home to recycle as much as possible – particularly plastic – it is good to know that our non-recyclable waste is put to good use.