TOWN bosses in Romsey are warning that dog owners who fail to clean up after their pets in public will be fined.

Civic chiefs said officers will be out in force and dog fouling will not be tolerated.

This comes after a number of residents complained about the issue in Romsey town centre.

As previously reported, a campaign to educate dog owners could be launched.

Now, following the complaints, Cllr Phil Bundy, housing and environmental health portfolio holder at Test Valley Borough Council, said: “We have recently received reports of an increase in dog fouling in the Romsey area. This is a criminal offence and there is absolutely no excuse for it.

“If anyone has any evidence that might lead us to those responsible then we would encourage them to get in touch with the council. All information will be treated in strict confidence. Also, if there are areas of the town that have become hotspots for dog fouling then please let us know. In the meantime, our animal welfare officer, street scene team and other colleagues who are regularly out and about, such as parking wardens, will be observing the area closely for anyone allowing their dog to foul. Our officers will issue fines to all those caught not picking up after their dogs.

“We invest a great deal of time and effort educating dog owners across the borough on dog fouling and its impact. We go out and speak to residents, patrol known hotspots, put up signage and provide hundreds of general waste and dog waste bins across the borough to enable owners to dispose of their dogs’ waste quickly and conveniently. The message is clear: dog fouling is illegal and it simply will not be tolerated.”