THIS is a sneak preview of a revamped museum which is set to reopen next month.

The Museum of Army Flying in Middle Wallop will reopen to the public on April 1 as the Army Flying Museum after a £2.59 million refurbishment.

This comes after the site closed in November last year to undergo a major revamp which will now offer visitors the chance to enjoy new exhibits, a range of interactive audio visual displays and better lighting.

The museum tells the international story of British Army flying, from the eve of D-Day to operations including the Falklands and Afghanistan.

The recent revamp aims to get visitors re-engaged with these stories.

Army Flying Museum curator Susan Lindsay said: “The history of Army flying is interesting, it’s dynamic, it relates to events all over the world, it’s got some great personal stories associated with it, and we’ve got a really good collection to help us tell that story.

“In terms of interpretation we will be providing information panels for general visitors, but we’ll also be having touch sensitive screens which will hold a wealth of information from our archives that will provide the aviation enthusiast with some really interesting information that they should enjoy looking at.

“We represent a unit that is very active and still writing history to this very day and it’s important for us to tell that story right up to date.”

The museum will have new graphic panels and screens showing footage.

“One of the things we’re particularly excited about is a brand new immersive audio visual presentation that tells the story of the attack helicopter, it really will bring that story to light in a dynamic way,” Ms Lindsay said.

A three-year community, educational and volunteer programme is also set to be run and will include a new learning and school programme, oral history project, pop-up museum, internship programme and children’s club on site.

“In short, we’re bringing our story up to date, we’re making it more interactive, we’re including lots more personal stories, and we’re making our collections much more accessible to our visitors,” Ms Lindsay added.

The museum will reopen at 10am.