This is a summary of Planning Applications received in the Southern Area Planning Office of Test Valley Borough Council for the week ending 22.03.2019. Any comments should be sent to the Planning Office, Beech Hurst, Weyhill Road, Andover, SP10 3AJ or e-mail to: You may also view documents and submit comments on the Council’s web site –

Please note:Any written comments which are made will be available in hard copy and on our website for both inspection and copying.

19/00598/FULLS Erection of two storey rear and front extension to provide additional living space, and erection of garage following demolition of existing - Green Haze , 25 Straight Mile, Ampfield, AMPFIELD

19/00616/FULLS Erection of a storage/office building for Wheelhouse Park with associated parking, landscaping and access - Former North Hill Sawmill Yard, Baddesley Road, Flexford, AMPFIELD

19/00677/TPOS Eucalyptus (T1) - reduce canopy by one third; Pine (T2) - crownlift to 6m; Chestnut (T3) - reduce by 1m; Silver Birch (T4) - fell - Redwood , Hook Crescent, Ampfield, AMPFIELD

19/00737/TPOS Oak (T1) - Crownlift to 5m - 10 Flexford Close, Chandlers Ford, SO53 5RZ, AMPFIELD

19/00382/FULLS Conversion of existing 2 bedroom bungalow to two storey 4 bedroom house and construction of roof over existing external pergola/terrace - Green Pastures , Lockerley Road, Awbridge, AWBRIDGE

19/00712/FULLS First floor rear extension to provide additional living space - Linton Woods , Danes Road, Awbridge, AWBRIDGE

19/00633/FULLS Proposed rear conservatory to provide additional living space - Trineve, Salisbury Road, Broughton, BROUGHTON

19/00675/FULLS Two storey extension, facade cladding, garage remodelling and associated works - Woodlands , Chilworth Road, Chilworth, CHILWORTH

19/00716/FULLS Erection of PV canopies with associated landscaping and tree planting - Benham Campus, University Parkway, Southampton Science Park, CHILWORTH

19/00733/FULLS Erection of three bay detached garage (Amended scheme) - Briar Cottage , Winchester Road, Kings Somborne, KINGS SOMBORNE

19/00682/FULLS Two storey side and part rear extension, to provide additional living space and accommodation - Silver Lea , New Road, Timsbury, MICHELMERSH AND TIMSBURY

19/00507/FULLS Conversion of garage to living space, and creation of additional vehicle access and parking (dropped kerb) - 58 Baddesley Close, North Baddesley, SO52 9DR, NORTH BADDESLEY

19/00617/FULLS Installation of windows and doors - The Store , Nutburn Road, North Baddesley, NORTH BADDESLEY

19/00726/CLPS Application for a lawful development certificate for demolition of existing single storey extension and replacement on the same footprint - 14 Pine Close, North Baddesley, SO52 9HN, NORTH BADDESLEY

19/00707/FULLS Loft conversion with rear dormer - 35 Fairlawn Close, Rownhams, SO16 8DT, NURSLING AND ROWNHAMS

19/00700/FULLS Erection of single storey rear extension to provide additional living space - 18 Tadfield Road, Romsey, Hampshire, ROMSEY TOWN (ABBEY)

19/00652/FULLS Erection of a garage, store and log store - New House, Newtown Road, Newtown, SHERFIELD ENGLISH

19/00662/FULLS Two storey rear and first floor side extension to provide additional bedrooms and a kitchen/dining/lounge area - Pandale, Newtown Road, Newtown, SHERFIELD ENGLISH

19/00705/FULLS Two storey front and side extension, to provide additional living space and accommodation - 17 Ouse Close, Chandlers Ford, SO53 4RW, VALLEY PARK