FOOTBALLERS have surprised a Romsey student.

Charlie, a Year 6 pupil at Romsey Abbey C of E Primary School, is a huge fan of Liverpool Football Club and often tells her teacher about how he sees Liverpool football players as good role models.

But he was left speechless when he received a message signed by all of them.

Ms Harris said: "Charlie and I talk about the resilience his Liverpool heroes show and how we can try to follow their example and to keep going right to the end even when it's a bit tricky and frustrating. Resilience is one of the Habits of Mind we study at school so it’s always good to find role models that the pupils will recognise and connect with."

It was Mr Harris who decided to write to Liverpool FC to tell them about how Charlie finds encouragement from the resilience their players show.

"I was delighted that Liverpool FC replied quickly with a message signed by all the players. The message is encouraging Charlie to enjoy school and keep going even when it’s tough," he added.

Headteacher Mrs Julie-Anne Palfrey added: “I know Charlie was thrilled to receive this message signed by all the Liverpool FC players and he will be able to use it as an inspiration for the forthcoming SATS exams and when moving to secondary school in September. Charlie keeps the message on his desk so can see it if lessons get tough and it‘s a great reminder to be resilient like his Liverpool heroes."