FOUR Romsey students have completed a four week technology workshop.

Theo, Kenzie, Raphie and Finley, from Romsey Abbey Church of England Primary School undertook the workshops in Romsey Abbey.

Chris Pritchard, churchwarden and a member of the Abbey’s Technical Team, taught the pupils how the Abbey’s sound system works including the science of speakers and radio waves.

The pupils also gained hands-on experience of using the sound equipment.

Chris said: “the pupils were really keen to learn about the microphones, amplifiers and speakers.

"By the last session, I am delighted to say, they were confident to operate the Abbey’s sound desk and were excited to hear the sound transmitted to all parts of the Abbey.

"They were enthusiastic learners and asked good questions to help their understanding.”

Mrs Julie-Anne Palfrey, Headteacher added: “The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience of learning in the Abbey. "It was such a great opportunity for them to gain a practical understanding of the science of sound and I know they gained confidence and expertise as the sessions progressed.

“ The pupils all thanked Mr Pritchard for their lessons and were presented with certificates. The pupils hope to put their new-found skills and knowledge into practice in the future."