ANOTHER incident of fly- tipping has taken place near Romsey.

The news comes after former Borough Mayor, Jane Whiteley contacted the Advertiser after she saw rubbish had been dumped in Lee Lane on the morning of April 8.

It was previously reported by the Advertiser that rubbish was also dumped at the Romsey Cemetery in March.

In her letter Jane described the fly tipping at Lee Lane as “disgraceful.”

She said:“The very sad thing is these household goods which included furniture and children’s toys had been so carelessly discarded and dumped on the verge, it actually looked in reasonably good condition too.

“I’m sure if they’ve been taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre at Timsbury just north of Romsey, some of the items could have been recycled or even sold. Even better, offered to a local charity shop.”

Councillor Nickie Bailey said that stopping incidences of fly tipping is a “high priority.”

She added: “There is a lack of good facilities for people to take rubbish to and people do it to get away from large fees.

“I think its pure laziness and unfortunately when this happens the council have to pay for it. As a county and a council I think we are on top of this.

“I think imposing huge fines will be a good deterrent so they don’t do it again.”

Deputy leader of Test Valley Borough Council, Councillor Nick Adams-King added: “I am aware of this and it has been reported to the council.

“Fly-tipping is despicable and is an issue we want to stamp out.

If we find out who did this we will prosecute.”

Anyone with information about this incident should call TVBC’s environmental team on 01794 527700.