A RAILWAY firm has apologised to Flying Scotsman fans after their view of the locomotive was blocked – but blamed the Scotsman for running late.

Hundreds of train lovers were left frustrated by the incident at Romsey station, where the famous engine was blocked by a South Western Railway service.

Many trainspotters had come from miles around to get a glimpse of the 96-year-old train, waiting up to 45 minutes.

A South Western Railway spokesperson told the Daily Echo that the incident happened due to the Scotsman running behind schedule.

The spokesperson said: "We are sorry that our scheduled service blocked the view of those hoping to see the Flying Scotsman.

"Sadly the Scotsman was running late so arrived at Romsey at the same time as our train."

Due to the historic train being delayed, the South Western Railway service from Cardiff to Southampton stopped the same moment the eagerly anticipated Scotsman came flying through at 10.20am on April 12.

Following the incident photographer Mark Cross, 59, told the Daily Echo: As I waited I joked 'if it doesn't hurry up another train is going to come', and then this train started to pull in.

"Lo and behold there was a cloud of steam and the Flying Scotsman flew through the station.

"There were a lot of groans on the left platform - a lot of people were left disappointed.

"They had been waiting there with their equipment, everyone was set up to take pictures of the Scotsman, there were people with stepladders and everything."

The Flying Scotsman locomotive was built in Doncaster in 1923 and became the first locomotive of the newly formed London and North Eastern Railway (LNER), running the express passenger service between Edinburgh and London.

It is currently on a tour of the UK.