OVER twenty rabbits have been stolen from a Hampshire ice cream parlour.

Carlo's Ice Carlo's Ices and Tea Rooms had 18 bunnies and 3 rabbits stolen around three weeks ago, and now a further four have been stolen.

The tearoom has an array of animals on their site, including chickens, guinea pigs and a turkey.

This has left the family-run business devastated.

Beverley Davies, daughter of owner Tony, said: "Three weeks ago someone came and stole them, and it was devastating.

"We had 18 babies and three adults stolen, all kept in different hutches.

"Now we've had four more stolen.

"These people aren't worried about the welfare of the animals."

They have recently added turkey to their animal collection, which also includes a horse.

Beverley, 57, added: "We have the animals for children to come and see, and we decided to get a turkey as kids don't get to see them other than on their dinner plate.

"A lot of children come to feed the rabbits and animals, which is a nice thing for them to do.

"We wanted baby rabbits and chicks for people to see over Easter, but now there isn't any.

"Normally the hutches are full but I've got nothing now and it's so sad.

"We don't have them here for profit, if we do sell a rabbit the money goes into essentials for the others."

Beverley has also been going to local auctions to see if she can find her missing animals at all.

She said: "I spoke to a lady at an auction and other people have said they've had some stolen.

"Rabbits are scarce due to a virus that went round last year, and if people were selling them they could probably get about £30 each."

The Daily Echo has contacted Hampshire Constabulary, who had no record of the incident.