AN UNLICENSED door-to-door salesman who targeted homes in Hampshire has been fined.

George David Clarke went round homes in Braishfield, near Romsey, attempting to sell his goods – a sales technique carried out by what are sometimes referred to as 'Nottingham Knockers'.

Clarke, who is actually from Nottingham, was reported by residents in Braishfield on February 13, Southampton Magistrates' Court heard.

The 21-year-old was approached by police, who found he and his fellow pedlar, Jordan Fearn, did not have street trading licences.

The pair were also found to have around £300 worth of items on them at the time.

Clarke, of Cantelupe Gardens, Giltbrook, did not appear in court, but instead sent a letter expressing his desire to plead guilty and be sentenced in his absence.

Magistrates imposed a fine of £146 and ordered him to pay court costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £30.

Fearn, of Gilt Hill, Kimberley, also did not attend.

As the court did not receive any notification from the 20-year-old, the court ordered the case to be adjourned to allow the Crown Prosecution Service to send the relevant paperwork, which would allow them to sentence Fearn in his absence.

That hearing will be at Southampton Magistrates' Court on May 16.

According to Action Fraud, the national fraud reporting centre, Nottingham Knockers are door-to-door traders who try to sell goods on the doorstep, often cheap household items.

They will often claim to be on a rehabilitation scheme trying to find work and may have a false trading permit or other forms of identification.

Though the scam takes place across the country, it is believed to have originated in Nottingham – hence the name.

Traders can sell door-to-door is legal in the UK, for those who have a valid pedlar's certificate.

But the licences, which are handed out by the police, will only be issued if the applicant has not been convicted of a crime.