BRIGHT and young at heart, Peter Wheble has a legacy on the parapet of Romsey Abbey. In the late 1960’s, fellow stonemason Harry Burt surreptitiously sculpted a portrait of his boss Mr F.L.'Peter' Wheble (Vokes & Beck Monumental Masons ) when replacing a corbel on the ancient building.

Peter who has celebrated his 100th birthday was recently given a surprise party, organised by Shelia Phillips and the members of South Wonston Senior Club. The party was attended by four generations or the family, the youngest of whom is Eva aged five months.

Winchester mayor, Cllr. Frank Pearson came along for the afternoon and presented Peter with a bottle of Champagne donated by Waitrose Ltd to mark the occasion.

Peter was surrounded by his family, friends and many centenary cards, including one from The Queen; and a special birthday cake.

A talented poet, Peter also entertained his friends with an impromptu rendering of one of his poems to round off an enjoyable and memorable celebration.

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