ROMSEY residents, along with Saints football player Sam McQueen, came together to raise money so a seven-year-old boy can receive life-changing physiotherapy.

The fun day was organised by Stephanie King and her husband Chris and was held at Romsey Football club on April 27.

The event was in aid of her son Archie who was born at 26 weeks old and has suffers from cerebral palsy.

More than 100 people attended the family event to help raise money so Archie can have physiotherapy after he has an operation on the nerves in his spine at Great Ormond Street at the end of the year.

Stephanie said: “After the operation Archie will have to have intensive after-care. However, this is very expensive.

“He won’t be able to walk and he will need to retrain his brain and body.

“He will need physiotherapy and hydrotherapy for at least two years, and this costs around £500 a week.”

When asked how cerebral palsy currently affects Archie’s day-to-day life, Stephanie said: “Archie’s muscles are tight and this affects the way he walks, as well as his balance.”

The fun day raised £1,200, and Stephanie said the day “went really well, I’m really pleased”.

Guests enjoyed a barbecue, DJ, stalls, football tournaments a raffle and face painting.

Stephanie said: “I did not expect to raise that much money.

“That is a month’s worth of physiotherapy for Archie, it’s amazing.”

Stephanie and her husband Chris have already raised 7,000 but they are looking to raise as much as possible before Archie’s operation at the end of the year.

Stephanie said: “Archie just wants to be a normal seven-year-old and walk up and down the stairs without worrying he will fall over.

“He’s also always exhausted.

“This operation will be life-changing for him.

“He has not had a great start in life but if we can change his future then that will be fantastic.”

Stephanie and her husband Chris are set to carry on fundraising until August when they will throw a final fun day before Archie has his operation.

They are set to hold a fun day in Hertfordshire this weekend as well as curry night in Botley in June.

Stephanie said: “I’m really anxious about Archie having the operation but I just want to make sure he can get back on his feet as quick as possible.

“The more money we raise before the operation the longer he can have physiotherapy.”

Stephanie said she would “like to thank the staff at the Bishops Blaize pub in Winchester road who helped to organise the event.”