HUNDREDS of people are set to visit the market town this weekend for the return of the antiques and arts fair.

The popular event will take place on May 12 from 9.30am until 3.30pm in Cornmarket, the Town Hall, Abbey Hall, Church Place

The fair which is in its fourth year will showcase a wide variety of stalls including jewellery, furniture, glass and decorative arts.

The event is organised by the town centre management team and aims to bring the community together and give visitors the chance to visit Romsey while shopping in


Town Centre manager Mark Edgerley said:” People should come along as we have an eclectic mix of stalls and it’s a bit of fun.”

When asked why he decided to set up the market four years ago Mr Edgerley said: “It’s a great way to see more footfall in the town on a Sunday.

“As soon as we started doing the market four years ago it was popular straight away.”

This year there are set to be more than 100 stalls at the fair.

Mark said: “I think its so popular because it only takes place twice a year and I also think it’s because it attracts the right quality of


“The charity shops also really benefit from the event as there are more people in the town.”

Previously the event has seen people visiting from far and wide.

Mark said: “At past fairs we have had people visiting from the surrounding towns and villages but also from as far as Bristol, Newbury and even South London.”

The fair, which is free to attend takes place twice a year.

The next fair will take place in October.

Cllr Nick Adams-King said that Mark “has been brilliant at bringing new ideas to Romsey.”

He said: “The antiques fair has become a success as it fits well with the town’s character.

“It is a really nice event and people can do other things in the town as well as attend the fair.

“Romsey is a nice place to come on a Sunday and it’s a great advert for the town.

“Hopefully people come to the market and then want to come back to Romsey for a coffee or to do their shopping.”

When asked if he would like to see more events such as the antiques fair take place in the market town Nick said: “Absolutely but I think that it is important that is is the right type of event.

“Also I think you need to have the right balance and not have too many.”

Nick added: “I think Mark has worked miracles with the town and bringing new things to Romsey.

“He has done a brilliant job.”